My husband, henceforth to be called “the Brit,” suggested I start this blog while we were visiting San Francisco one weekend not so long ago. Even though we were in town only for a few days, I had managed to visit three yoga different yoga studios. Whenever I travel I try to check out a local studio, and the Brit thought I could draw on my experience to create a website with yoga studio reviews. He primarily believed it would become a money making enterprise (my family and friends hope I’ll eventually combine my MBA and my passion for yoga into a billion-dollar business) but he also thought it would also be fun for me. I agreed that it would be fun for me, especially as I had just visited a studio so lovely it made me want to post pictures of the place on the web. So the Brit’s suggestion was fortuitous, we got excited, and here’s the blog, although the Brit will be sad to realize that this will not make him rich.

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