Yoga in pop culture, Elvis

I love when yoga gets a shout out in TV or film. The theme is often “bewildered dude encounters hippy crap” and is usually hilarious. The clips reminds me of my first traumatic yoga class. My friends took me to Bhava Yoga Center, then located in the Lower East Side, promising “yoga is amazing!” Most of the students seemed to be off-duty dancers, showing off their flexibility and strength in impossible poses. I hated downward facing dog, which looked simple but felt impossible. The spirituality seemed superficial and fake. I remember how badly I wanted the class to end, and I didn’t step inside another yoga studio for year and a half.

Never seen this show Dexter, but this clip makes me laugh.

Yikes, I just googled the show. This guy is a serial killer. Anyway, here’s a deleted yoga scene from the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

(“What’s up? My legs, that’s what! I’m doing a handstand motherf***er! I’m doing a handstand!”)

Another deleted scene from Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

This page has linked to a quite a few more pop culture yoga scenes.

OMG, Elvis!

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