Yoga Journal contest

The yoga interweb is a-flutter with Yoga Journal’s cover model contest. The magazine will pluck one entrant out of obscurity and launch her into the big leagues with the September 2011 cover of Yoga Journal. I gather that recently there has been some upset that Yoga Journal  (YJ) has moved away from its roots, becoming more commercial, featuring on the magazine’s pages too many beautiful naked people in impossible poses. (For example, one of the founders of YJ wrote an open letter to the editors, described here, critical of sexy adverts.) My guess is that, amid the grumbling, YJ decided to stage this contest.

I can’t speak intelligently about the YJ controversy, as I haven’t read Yoga Journal in a while. I once had a subscription to YJ and would look forward each month’s issue like a kid at Christmas. However, one month I really read the book reviews section, and upon processing the words and their meanings for what may have been the first time, I got offended by the endlessly bland reviews. Take a view! as my former boss would say.

Yes, attractive people do grace the cover.

Anyway, the talent search is essentially a popularity contest. Of the 2566 entrants, the 5 people with the most reader votes will be finalists. Then editorial staff at YJ will choose the winner. Right now entrants are lobbying hard, via facebook, via email, via blogs, to get the most votes. My first reaction finds this selection process somewhat disappointing, as I had fantasies of an unknown yogi, having practiced without ego for 20 years in a dark room at home, winning the contest. Alas, this is not to be, as the winner will be among those that can get the e-votes out.

Oh well. I have enjoyed looking through the entries, showing all manner of poses, styles, and people (though they are mainly young women in tight clothing. I ain’t no perv, just calling it like I see it). See below for my faves. I am a sucker for any photo with an animal.

My favorites from the YJ contest

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