Yoga sexy time

Have better sex through yoga! Apparently, the Journal of Sexual Medicine published a study saying that yoga can enhance one’s sex life. According to “In the study, women aged 22-55 completed a 12-week program in which they did an hour of yoga every day. The results indicated that women reported improvements in desire, orgasm and arousal with almost 20% improvement in sexual function. The results for men are similar. Sixty-five males aged 24-60 participated in the study and showed a significant increase in sexual benefits of yoga including improvements in desire, satisfaction, confidence and performance.”

This is the fifth image result in google when I typed "yoga sexy" with safe search ON!

This would be great PR for yoga. However, although I didn’t read the study, I’m not convinced. The study sounds like it was not rigorous enough–neither randomized nor controlled, and therefore not persuasive.

I have my own theories on and experience with yoga’s sex benefits, which I will share with you over a glass of wine someday.

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