Girls in yoga pants

True to form, I entirely missed the discussion about a website called Girls in Yoga Pants (GIYP) and am writing about it one year after the topic has been forgotten. If you didn’t guess, the website features snaps of girls in yoga pants, mostly the rear view. My verdict: love. Why? Because, first and foremost, I am a creepy perv. But also because I love that these ladies are clothed. The pics are amateur and self-submitted. The ladies are diverse (black, white, latina, short, tall, skinny, not so skinny). It appears to me to be good ole fashioned appreciation of the female backside. I like the GIYP logo, a silhouette of plow pose, in the lower right corner of every photo (see below).

Mostly, I love that these are called yoga pants, even though hardly anyone does yoga in the pictures; one holds a tennis racket, one walks her dog, many lounge around the house. A few years ago this item of clothing would have been known as leggings, but yoga is so big (like some of these booties) it has re-branded a type of clothing–like Xerox did for the copy machine, Kleenex for tissue paper, and Coke for soda. If this ain’t a sign that yoga has made it in America, I don’t know what is.

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