Girls in yoga pants part deux

My wordpress site stats say that most people stumble upon this blog when searching for “girls in yoga pants”–I wrote about this website (girls in yoga pants) a few weeks ago. I figure that this search is less about the yoga and more about girls in tight pants. Therefore, it may be silly for me to write about a subject to attract more traffic from people who could care less about the yoga, but, on the other hand, why not?

Besides, I do have something else to say about girls in yoga pants, which is: the combo is magic. I don’t know how or why, but I have experienced it firsthand.

Some background: I’ve let myself go. Hair always up in a clip, no makeup, glasses, clothing so unfashionable I’d look like a hobo in northern Canada, let alone on the streets of New York City. Every day I wear the same unwashed dog slobber jeans topped by my husband’s ‘dog coat’–missing a few buttons, too big for even him, one hole, covered in dog hair. Not pretty.

BUT. When I wear my lululemon yoga pants (everything else the same: glasses, hair, dog slobber) men take second looks. They say, “nice smile,” or “hey shorty.” Men who, if I were not wearing my yoga pants, would have given me a dollar on the subway because I looked so down and out. I feel like I’m 22 again!

Now, it may not be the pants that make me hot. One good friend posited that it may be the attitude that comes with the yoga pants rather than the pants themselves.

Whatever it is, it is real.

Indeed, chic French lady fashion blogger Garance Dore noted the same Mysterious Allure of the Yoga Pants. And she actually tries to dress well when she isn’t wearing yoga pants.

What makes the yoga pants magical? If you have any insights, please let me know!

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