A lemur in meditation

My parents have been teaching me yoga, in some form or another, all my life, but I  didn’t realize this until I took my first public yoga class at a place called the Bhava Yoga Center on the Lower East Side 11 years ago. My friends promised me that yoga was amazing, and I would love it. I hated it. My body ached. I had no idea what to do. I couldn’t keep up with the tattooed dancer/yogis who did insane things with their willowy bodies. But I kept going, on and off, because intellectually I believed that working on my flexibility, strength and balance might help with my chronic back and neck problems. The philosophical underpinnings seemed familiar, like stuff my dad taught me, too. A decade later, I’m still at it. This past summer I got my teaching certificate from the ladies at Laughing Lotus in NYC.

This site, therefore, is a way to share my love of the practice, but also to see if I can become filthy rich from blogging. (See the first post.) Still working on the latter, but despite the lack of riches it’s fun to put my thoughts on pixel. You should try it.  I have an academic and professional background in economics and finance and am especially interested in the business of yoga as it is practiced in the USA. I also have a personal weakness for pictures of animals in yoga poses or being hugged by yoga teachers. Any questions? Are you a hedge fund looking for a chief yoga officer? Please get in touch!

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