Lululemon makes fun of its customers

No one owns yoga.
I love pigeon.
My hips are sooo open right now.
I lost my voice last weekend from om-ing too much.

This is (mostly) sh*t yogis say, a video offered up by the marketing staff at Lululemon. Turns out those folks have a sense of humor. HA. I’d like to create a drinking game out of this. Maybe stop and do a shot of kombucha during class whenever one of the phrases is said?


Sickest Buddhist kicking Buddha butt

Old but new to me. Hilarious. And, he’s half-Indian! [I’ve turned into my parents, so proud of desi success.]

Enlightenment eludes most until they die, but I opened my third eye on my first try. Why? I don’t know. I guess I’m just the bomb. When it comes to modesty I got it goin’ on.

PURR-fect yoga

These videos with Yogi Carl doing yoga with his cat Ovaria are funny. (“…with a cat, a mat, and 20 minutes, you can be happy.”) I sense a Kundalini influence–with the chants, the kriyas, the white clothing, etc. Who has time to make these? Then again, who has time to scour the web for yoga cat stuff? Don’t answer that. 


Puppy handstand

This counts as yoga, right? Watch the young-un nearly master Adho Mukha Vrksasana, downward facing tree.

UPDATE: The old video was taken down, but this old guy is more impressive. He’s peeing AND handstanding.

Bad yoga joke #1

If I earned a nickel anytime I heard a variation of the ass/asana play on words, including “shake your asana” and “kick-asana”, I’d buy myself a turmeric juice. (Never had one, but see them at studios everywhere. Maybe I’ll cough up the $5 and try one. Sadly I’m not getting rich off of stale yoga jokes.)