The other wide yoga mat

A little bit ago I watched the video for John Friend’s new revolutionary extra-wide Manduka yoga mat. I was put off by the marketing language. Why make claims that the purchase of a $100 mat is going to give you an “an inner opening”?Lead to the very essence of your heart”? I understand that a wider, longer mat may be more appropriate for a wider, longer body, but I wish the language would be toned down. I love me some good old fashioned capitalism, especially expensive yoga pants, but connecting the quality of one’s yoga gear and spiritual development puts me off.

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Technology with a heart

John Friend makes some amazing claims about his new wide Manduka yoga mat. “If you’re on a mat that you just stick to and you feel stable, you just go inside. You actually can have an inner opening from a piece of rubber, on your floor. I’m proud to say that everything about this mat will lead to the very essence of your heart.” 

(me: I have a Jade yoga mat. After a while the rubber falls apart, but it’s my fave for grippiness.)

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